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Sleep Sweet is here to help exhausted parents teach their children to sleep through the night so the whole family can rest easy. Contact me today so we can get your little one sleeping better.

Karoline, Russell, Fintan (3 years), and Nora (11 months)

The work Vicki did with us to get our 11-month-old and three-year-old sleeping through the night was life-changing!  We went from walking zombies to rested and refreshed parents in a matter of weeks.  We were doing many things wrong that we didn't realize, and having Vicki lay out a plan and guide us through the process helped us get our kids sleeping again. Our 11-month-old's progress was dramatic.  She went from waking up multiple times in the night and ending up in our bed nursing all night to sleeping in her own crib through the night.  This all happened in a matter of days.  Thanks to Vicki, we have our nights and mornings back.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  She is thorough, thoughtful, and professional.  I only wish we had hired her a long time ago.  

Clare, Ben, and Jane (4 months)

Vicki was a total game changer for our family. We were in a transition period with our daughter changing from a sleepy newborn to a more active three month old. The old sleep props (nursing/rocking/walking to sleep) weren't working anymore and we wanted her to learn to fall asleep on her own. We got help from Vicki and within three nights, our daughter was going to sleep on her own and sleeping for 8-10hr stretches. We had the same success for naps - we got on a schedule with Vicki's guidance and didn't need to nurse/rock/bounce/go for a walk every nap time. Now our daughter can fall asleep on our own and self soothe when she wakes up. She is thriving with all her healthy sleep and we are all so much happier with more rest and a routine that gives us peace of mind.

Jaimie, Chris, and Harlow (3 mo)

Harlow’s sleep patterns were all over the place; her naps ranged from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. She had several sleep props and was a finicky eater. Mom was developing anxiety over her sleep, and it was impossible to schedule their days because she never knew when Harlow would need a nap.

We worked together to come up with a schedule that would give Jaimie more predictability in her days. We talked about overtiredness and ways to ensure that Harlow got enough sleep. Before the end of the first week, Harlow was falling asleep on her own and waking up at the same time every day. By the end of the two week period, she was taking more consistent naps too.

Adele, Roberto, and Violet (4 years)

Violet had trouble adjusting to her new baby brother. Her mom had to stay in the hospital for an extended period after he was born, and Violet developed anxiety about being away from her mommy. Bedtime was a period of hysterics and high stress (she could even stay awake all night!), her parents finally resorted to having Roberto stay in the room on a cot with her all night. This was not good for his rest.

They contacted me for help when they realized everyone was exhausted and it was not good for the new baby. We had a rough start (kind of expected with a 4 year old!), but by the end of the week, she was sleeping through the night, in her own room, by herself! She still has the occasional night waking, but the family is getting much better sleep.

Mattie, Annie, and William (9 mo)

After my wife and I struggled with our first son’s sleeping habits we were initially surprised that our second child slept so well initially.  At about 5 months that began to change and he went from sleeping 4-5 hours a stretch to less than 2.  It was frustrating, exhausting and a source tension as everything we tried didn’t change his habits.  

We contacted Vicki for help and everything turned around.  She was extremely accommodating in finding ways to work with us and listening to our story. Vicki crafted a personal sleep plan for our son and in less than a week he was sleeping through the night.  That’s not to say everyone will have the same success, but it worked for us and she was amazing.

Sepideh, Mirza, and Emmet (6 months)

Before we met Vicki, Emmet woke up multiple times a night and had to be helped back to sleep. He rarely slept longer than 4 hours! I’d almost gotten used to being tired. But I talked to a friend about how sleep training helped her child and decided I wanted that for my family too. Vicki got to know us and figured out how she could best help. Her constant support and reassurance is what made it possible for us to succeed! Without her, (and my husband), I’d have probably given up. She helped us figure out what to do when things weren’t going right and even supported me through Emmet being sick. I’m so happy now that my little boy is going to bed easily, sleeping through the night, and taking good naps. It’s made a huge difference in all our lives; we’re not tired anymore! I can plan my days knowing when Emmet will need to sleep, and I know how :) I can’t thank Vicki enough for her help!

My Story: Vicki, Sherman, and Kenzie (8 months)

Kenzie started sleeping through the night at about 8 weeks old.  She napped quite well at daycare.  That all changed when I left the Army and moved to Santa Fe.  It was like she forgot how to sleep!  I later learned that she had never really learned how, I'd just gotten lucky that my cheater methods worked.  (for a while).  I had to hold or carry her for naps and nurse her back to sleep every 30-90 minutes at night.  Eventually, the jogging stroller and baby wrap stopped working to get her to sleep, it was great exercise, but walking 6 miles just so she would fall asleep and stay asleep was eating up too much time!  Not to mention it was HOT!  My breaking point was when my husband was out of town and I decided I'd rather drive over 1000 miles to my sister's house with a screaming 7-month-old, 3 big dogs, and a cat in the cab of my truck while hauling 2 horses than deal with her sleep issues alone.  I tried a few different sleep methods and finally found Sleep Sense.  It was simple and easy for my sleep addled brain to understand.  The first couple nights were tough, but by night 3 Kenzie was going to sleep with minimal fuss and sleeping through the night on night 5.  It was amazing!  I felt so much better.  Kenzie has been so much more active and cheerful, and she started gaining weight better.  I'm so glad I found Sleep Sense!

Amy, Matt, and Maddie (2.5 years)

Amy didn't want to sleep train her daughter.  She liked having Maddie in the bed when Matt was working nights.  She was ok with having to lay in the bed with her for over an hour to get her to sleep and having to lay with her for naps.  It didn't seem that bad.  But after spending a weekend at Vicki's house and seeing how quickly her daughter went to sleep and how much more free time Vicki had, Amy changed her mind!  She finally listened to Vicki and when they got home they implemented a bedtime routine for Maddie and started making her sleep in her own bed.  Within two weeks, Maddie was proud of her bed and that she was a big girl who could sleep by herself.

Irene, Kevin, and Caleb (6 months)

We are so grateful for Vicki to walk us through sleep training with our boy at 6 months. At first, we thought we could tackle this ourselves but were surprised with the many questions we had each day during the process. And Vicki was great, she was responsive and answered all our questions, encouraged us when it got tough, and constantly reassured us. Our boy can now fall sleep on his own and stay asleep which is a huge change! Everyone is more rested! It is so invaluable to work with a sleep trainer, highly recommend it.

Morgan, Michael, and Brooke (4 years)

I finally broke down and contacted Vicki when I’d been sitting on the floor in my daughter’s room for over an hour and a half waiting for her to fall asleep.  I realized it was silly for me to be spending so much time just sitting there, a prisoner of my 4-year-old!  Sometimes I would sit on the bed until she was asleep, then slide to the floor to wait and make sure she was really out.  Then I’d crawl out of the room.  I was getting frustrated with my daughter, and resentful of my husband (it only took him a few minutes to get our younger daughter to sleep!)  I was amazed at how quickly my daughter progressed!  In just a few days she was staying in her bed at night, and I was out of the room in under an hour!  By the end of the training period, I was telling her good night and leaving the room.  I have time to myself in the evenings now!  We are so much happier now that we’re all getting the sleep we need. 

Erynn, Mark, and Jordan (3 months)

We are so happy that we worked with Vicki to get our 3 month old daughter sleeping. We used Sleep Sense with our son when he was 4 months old but attempted to do it on our own. Although it did work, we had such a different (good!) experience this time working with Vicki. Our daughter settled to sleep on night 2 on her own and was having some long naps by day 10. Vicki responded very quickly to all our questions and has given us tools to use later on as our daughter gets older. Our family is loving our sleep these days! 

Jillene, Kyle, and Brielle (6 months)

I am currently doing a 2 week sleep plan with my 6 month old daughter through Vicki. She is very knowledgable and friendly. My daughter has been sleeping through the night since night 2! I have just over 1 week left and everything looks promising! I would recommend Vicki to anyone who wants their baby and themselves to have more sleep! ;-)

(Update - Brielle finished the program and is sleeping through the night AND taking longer naps!)

Megan, Steve, and Hazel (4 months)

I cannot speak highly enough of Vicki and the help she provided my family. My 4 month old refused to nap unless she was on my chest, would not go to sleep unless being rocking for 2+ hours, would wake herself up and cry to eat (or at least I thought she wanted to eat). Vicki listened to my issues and created a custom plan for our daughter as well as my work schedule. No two babies are alike and Vicki made sure the plan was custom for my daughter. The first few nights were tough but having Vicki available for questions as well as encouragement helped us get through. There were times I wanted to quit, I didn't think my child was capable, however Vicki assured me she would eventually catch on and a day later she did. After 3 days, each day got better and better, it was the most rewarding feeling. My husband and I now have some alone time, I'm able to get laundry done, catch up on my TV shows. Our daughter now takes 3 naps a day, is in bed by 8pm and sleeps 10 hours. It truly was life changing and i'm so thankful for Vicki with Sleep Sweet Santa Fe for helping me. 

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