Sleep Sweet

Sleep Sweet is here to help exhausted parents teach their children to sleep through the night so the whole family can rest easy. Contact me today so we can get your little one sleeping better.

Adele, Roberto, and Violet (4 years)

Violet had trouble adjusting to her new baby brother. Her mom had to stay in the hospital for an extended period after he was born, and Violet developed anxiety about being away from her mommy. Bedtime was a period of hysterics and high stress (she could even stay awake all night!), her parents finally resorted to having Roberto stay in the room on a cot with her all night. This was not good for his rest.

They contacted me for help when they realized everyone was exhausted and it was not good for the new baby. We had a rough start (kind of expected with a 4 year old!), but by the end of the week, she was sleeping through the night, in her own room, by herself! She still has the occasional night waking, but the family is getting much better sleep.

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