Sleep Sweet

Sleep Sweet is here to help exhausted parents teach their children to sleep through the night so the whole family can rest easy. Contact me today so we can get your little one sleeping better.

Mattie, Annie, and William (9 mo)

After my wife and I struggled with our first son’s sleeping habits we were initially surprised that our second child slept so well initially.  At about 5 months that began to change and he went from sleeping 4-5 hours a stretch to less than 2.  It was frustrating, exhausting and a source tension as everything we tried didn’t change his habits.  

We contacted Vicki for help and everything turned around.  She was extremely accommodating in finding ways to work with us and listening to our story. Vicki crafted a personal sleep plan for our son and in less than a week he was sleeping through the night.  That’s not to say everyone will have the same success, but it worked for us and she was amazing.

FREE 15 Minute Discovery Call click   HERE

FREE 15 Minute Discovery Call click HERE